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The Futility of Result

Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 in Commentaries on living -My understanding on K's teachings | 0 comments

It is good to talk things over. But mere words, clever arguments and wide knowledge do not bring freedom from aching problems. Cleverness and knowledge sometimes show their futility and discovery of their futility makes the mind silent. In that silence the understanding of the problem comes. But to seek silence is to breed another problem and conflict. Problems cannot be resolved by the ways of the mind which produces explanations, uncovering of causes, analysis etc.. The mind can run away from problems but do what it will the mind cannot free itself from a problem. The mind itself is a place where problems and conflicts multiply. Thought cannot silence the mind, it can only put on a cloak of silence but that is only concealment and pose. Any movement of the mind is a hindrance to silence.

We are for ever craving and we always look for the ultimate. We want a result that will give everlasting joy and happiness. We don’t see the futility of this struggle, but desire to be free of it through gaining a result. We do not see the truth of struggle and try to get the most satisfying thing. We want a never ending result.

The very desire to be free is also desire.

When the inexhaustible is hindered by memory then the search for results begin. Experience without the memory is the only way to the measureless and it is the mind which is always searching for a result which is constantly craving for one result after another.

Commentaries on living -My understanding on Krishnamurti’s teachings.




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