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Introduction to the script of Essence Of Life:

Here below is the actual script of the core of “Essence of life”In this we are try  to simpyfy each of this topics in such a way that is easily understandabe .We have started with identifying  on what is the problem in our life ,how we make it into a problem in our life’s and conclude  what is the way out of the problem  so that we can be complelty free from all our problems.We have highlighted the solution to the problem so that you can take this as a way to be free from it .

We do not know what is happening in our minds.
We are not interested in observing our minds.
There are many desires, fears and problems in the mind.
The mind is filled with complex emotions and feelings.
So it is absolutely necessary to understand the mind.
To understand the mind, we should observe it patiently.
The mind is always noisy and restless.
Why are we thinking all the time?
Why do we give so much importance to thinking?
Thinking is necessary to live in this world.
Thought has created great technology and art.
But, thought has also created endless suffering and confusion.
Can the mind be absolutely quiet?
Stillness can happen, only when thinking is absent.
There is immense energy in this stillness.

We waste our energy through constant fear.
We need great energy to meet our problems.
We have innumerable fears.
We carry these fears throughout our life.
Most of us are afraid of failure, disease, old age, loneliness and death.
There are also many hidden fears within the mind.
Fear creates complex problems in our life.
Fear makes our mind dull.
Fear destroys joy and peace.
Thinking creates fear.
A mind that is afraid will be confused.
When there is no fear, the mind becomes clear.
Is it possible to live without fear?
Our mind becomes free, when we are free from fear.
There is great ecstasy in this freedom.

There are many unresolved problems in our minds.
Our vast knowledge has not solved all our problems.
The leaders and philosophers have not solved our problems.
Our problems cannot be resolved by another.
We alone can solve our problems.
To solve our problems, we must understand our problems.
To understand our problems, we must observe our minds.
To observe our minds, we need patience.
Thinking has created all our psychological problems.
Thought can never resolve our problems.
Thought can only create endless problems.
A mind that is filled with problems cannot be fresh.
Problems make the mind dull.
A mind which is full of problems cannot be quiet.
Without freedom from problems, there can be no silence.(True silence of the mind  is the only way to reslove al our problems

Everybody in this world is searching for peace.
Most of us are unhappy.
Life has become a continuous battle.
There is so much violence within us.
So there is misery and violence everywhere.
Human beings have created this violent society.
Man has accepted cruelty and wars.
A good society is absolutely necessary.
Is it possible to end the violence within us?
Can we live happily and peacefully in this world?
Nobody can give us happiness and peace.
We have to create a peaceful society.
To create a peaceful society, we have to live peacefully.
To live peacefully, we must change ourselves.
Unless we change, the world cannot change.

We write romantic poems on love.
We endlessly talk about love.
But there is no love in our hearts.
We harm and hurt others.
We are full of hatred and enmity.
Hatred has created wars and misery in the world.
There is so much destruction everywhere.
There is also friction in our relationships.
Hatred has killed many beautiful relationships.
A man who is full of hatred will become destructive.
To know love, we have to end the hatred within us.
Without love, the heart will become a desert.
Love alone can create harmony in our life.
A man who is filled with love will be compassionate.
A compassionate man cannot harm anything.