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Live Show

Essence Of LifeEssence-of-Life

Live show for 2 hours

Product information:

1. For sponsorship of public performance anywhere in India Rs 12 Lakhs
2. For sponsorship of public performance anywhere abroad (around $ 20000)
3. For premier Institutions/Corporate s Rs 6 Lakhs.
4. For festivals Rs 4Lakhs.


Note: This excludes Travel charges/Local Conveyance/Food and accommodation/venue (sound and lighting) charges and Event managers charges(if any) for no 2 and 4

Anyone interested in this above programe can sponsor the programe in any of the above formats.

In addition for those corporate s who are interested in sponsoring the above programme s can do so under 80G and also under C S R scheme.

For those corporates who are interested in donating DVDs to their employees We have special price .


Blu-ray film shows:

For those educational Institutions which can have a gathering of teachers , students and their parents, which can accommodate the same we can have a blu ray film show free of cost

organize a blu ray compatible projector (eg: Mitsubishi 5000 lumens projector with HTMI out put sufficient cable).

Free hospitality for Two members  which includes  food and accommodation

Facility to sell our DVDs of Essence Of Life to make  up the cost of the program

Two volunteers to help us do the above.

We will be sending the special posters of the program to be displayed at different locations 7 days before the program(if required)

Local transport .


Please note : The total duration of  Essence Of life  blu-ray film will be of 66 mins . We recommend the  film to be shown through a blu-ray projector since the quality will be of film quality . We recomend DVDs only for home viewing .The cost of two pack DVD containing  Essence of mediation and Essence of Life will be Rs. 1000/-

You may choose the time which is suitable to you(preferably evening times) . This program is meant for selected schools and educational Institutions all over India.

You can Email us on
Contact :+91 9945776603