Dega Arts

Essence Of Life

Essence Of Life:

Essence of Life explores  deeper existential issues and we at Dega Arts attempts to focus on each individual to enable him to understand his own mind .The dance forms are the representation of the individual’s conflicts, complex human sufferings and problems  and we , at Dega Arts are using different dance forms not just to depict the enormocity of the fundamental human problem but also use the  significant aspects of Krishnamurti’s teachings to find and become aware of one’s  own nature and through this awareness ,understand and find solutions to owns own problems.

In short:

The basic Essence Of life is to be free human being and we at Dega Arts takes you through this journey through these  dance forms  .


Our mission is to inspire every human being to be free from ones own problems who sees our programme  by way of live shows or DVDs. We also want our DVDs and television programme s to reach every part of the world. We assure   anybody who is inspired by this programme will be free from his day to day stress and problems.

Our mission is to create new revaluation in everybody’s heart


Our vision is to have the live dance programme in all the metropolitan cities in India, all the premier institutions ,music and dance festivals all over the country. We are collaborating with different people to take our shows all over the world. we also  want our DVDs to reach every cultured home in India and abroad.