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Cessation of Thought

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Commentaries on living -My understanding on K's teachings | 0 comments

Thought is the verbalization of influences. To think is to be dependent and thought can never be free.

An occupied mind is not free and lacks spontaneity. Only in spontaneity there is discovery. An occupied mind is unapproachable and it thinks that is its security. There is freedom only in ending of thought.

Understanding the process of thought is important. Thought is occupied with its own self-projections. Ideas, ideals, goals are all extensions of thought. The response of memory is thought. Thought can never be more than what it is.

In the uncovering of the thought process, which is self-knowledge, the truth of what is puts an end to the thought process. Only when thought ends is there truth. It is truth that liberates and not the effort to be free.


Commentaries on living -My understanding onJiddu’s teachings

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